Welcome to “the Blog”

We are delighted to welcome you to the new blog that Wordwire Language Services is starting today. With this new project, we would like to show you a part of the language services industry, writing about topics that may be interesting for you and may be somehow related to our industry.

For those who are not familiar with our sector, at Wordwire we provide language services to companies and individuals. We divide these services in four main categories: translation, generally known as “written translation”; interpreting, also known as “spoken translation”; internationalisation, i.e. language services and assessment to companies that may wish to reach foreign markets, and training for professional translators. Leaving the training aside -a very interesting topic that will be dealt with in the future-, the first three services are based on overcoming the language barriers that emerge, for example, when a company wishes to offer its products to other companies that do not share their language.

As you may imagine, given the interdisciplinarity of our profession, the sectors we work with are very varied: the need of a translation can appear when reading our brand new device’s instructions, or the instructions of use of a washing machine; watching a foreign film, playing a videogame, or in conferences where the delegates do not speak the same language, or are not fluent enough to communicate in such an event. As you can see, translation and interpreting are around us in our everyday life, hidden discretely in order to facilitate communication under any circumstances.

Despite the normality of our profession, there are still important questions about the language services industry that you may have asked yourself at some point: Is it really necessary to pay for this kind of service if I already speak two languages?, What should I do to export a product to a foreign country?, Where can I get an official translation of a document?, Why was this translation used for this film???… Little by little, we will try to clarify all these mysteries and many others thanks to our knowledge, experience and the collaboration of experts in different fields.

In the end, with this blog all we want is to make our sector known, overcome stereotypes and myths, and share with you our passion for languages and the great challenge of communication, one of the important skills that identifies us as human beings.

Welcome again and we hope you enjoy reading us!

About wiredintowords

We are a language service company (translation and interpreting among others). We love teaching, learning and translating languages, and we are passionate about the culture, traditions, cuisine and history of the countries where those languages are spoken. ///// Somos una empresa que ofrece servicios lingüísticos (traducción e interpretación, entre otros). Nos apasionan los idiomas, su enseñanza, aprendizaje y traducción, además de todo lo que les rodea: cultura, tradiciones, gastronomía e historia de los países en los que se hablen.
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