Dear Wired into Words readers

After this first year as bloggers, and second year working as a company, we reflect about all the experiences we have had related to our company.

First, thanks to the great effort made and the hard work carried out, we have managed to get new clients. We would like to thank them immensely for trusting us: you make this international linguist network called Wordwire keep on working.

Secondly, our relationship with the existing clients has grown stronger. Therefore, we would like to thank them for supporting us since the very beginning, and, after the results obtained, for keeping on supporting us. Thanks to you, we are always encouraged to improve to deliver the best results possible.

Thirdly, we have worked so the rest of the world is aware of our work, not only as translators and interpreters, but also as culture mediators. This idea makes us going on with our task, as we firmly believe that what we do is very important, especially nowadays, when the lack of communication and awareness are resulting in great conflicts.

However, we have not only tried to reach more ears and eyes, we have started to share information with the Internet community. Since we started writing for the cyberspace, we have shared knowledge about our industry and we have had the pleasure to collaborate with experts that offered to help us and spent some of their precious time in supporting us and sharing their knowledge and expertise so our contents are authentic, relevant and trustworthy. We deeply thank you for your great help decoding our profession for the rest of the world.

We are aware that all the effort required is even greater due to the time we are living in: the financial crisis finds us everywhere we go, and makes everything a bit more difficult. However, we consider this crisis as a challenge, and we don’t stop fighting so our company can go on, working every day to reach our short and long-term aims. This attitude has been working so far, with very successful results; therefore, we will keep on fighting next year in order to offer the best language services to companies and individuals, as well as to build that necessary bridge among cultures in our globalised world.

Thank you all for trusting us, we will keep on working hard so people can communicate among themselves.

We wish you a year full of employment, opportunities and good results.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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About wiredintowords

We are a language service company (translation and interpreting among others). We love teaching, learning and translating languages, and we are passionate about the culture, traditions, cuisine and history of the countries where those languages are spoken. ///// Somos una empresa que ofrece servicios lingüísticos (traducción e interpretación, entre otros). Nos apasionan los idiomas, su enseñanza, aprendizaje y traducción, además de todo lo que les rodea: cultura, tradiciones, gastronomía e historia de los países en los que se hablen.
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