Research papers: International scientific and academic publications

As most of us are aware, we either belong to the world of those who speak a foreign language or we don鈥檛. The English language is currently dominating discussion and debates relating to commerce, technology and science, as it also is in politics, economics, tourism, etc.

The reason for this is, in part, due to the scientific superiority of the United Kingdom and the United States over the last century. In the latter鈥檚 case, this world power continues to be the forerunner in the majority of different fields of research, which is due to its economic strength.


Likewise, the English language also reigns supreme as the lingua franca in both the academic and professional worlds. Any researcher, scientist or medical practitioner, to name just a few, must have a sound understanding of this Anglo-Saxon language if they want to have access to the cutting edge information being produced in their field, such as the latest experiments or research; but in addition, they also need the language to be able to consult the other works referenced in bibliographies, the majority of which are published in English. Continue reading

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An olympic summer, a cultural parade

This year has been marked by several sports events, among which the London Olympic and Paralympic Games have stood out. The recent closing ceremony of the Paralympic games has inspired us to remember both events, which have left us unforgettable images and remind us about the value of effort and the great feeling of achieving your goal.

In such an event, we were amazed at the vast amount of colours, flags, races, traditions and cultures that were put together in order to compete for the same goal: be the best and proudly represent their nations. We cannot forget the Olympic Games opening ceremony with all the athletes and officials marching, during which some of us were asking ourselves where some flag was from or which continent some other country belonged to.

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Welcome to “the Blog”

We are delighted to welcome you to the new blog that Wordwire Language Services is starting today. With this new project, we would like to show you a part of the language services industry, writing about topics that may be interesting for you and may be somehow related to our industry. Continue reading

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